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My inspiration for all that I do comes from my personal journey of transformation. Once upon a time I was a young woman with a dirty secret. Outwardly, I was going to school, pursuing a nutrition degree, driven, focused, determined to change the world. But in the shadow, I was struggling with addictions and binge eating. I did not feel healthy and I did not feel in control. Try as I might to stop my behavior, somehow it kept creeping back in to haunt me. 

It wasn't until I realized a simple concept that things began to shift for me: change comes from within. Our external reality is merely a reflection of our internal state of being. If we change our identity, we change our behavior, and the rest follows. Changing our external reality will not change the way we feel. You can have all the money in the world and still feel you do not have enough, you can be your ideal weight when you look at the scale and still feel unworthy. That is why I am not the dietitian that will write you another meal plan or diet. Rather, I will hold space for your inner transformation while supporting your wellness along the way, leading to true lasting change and truly miraculous results.

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