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Growing up on a small family farm, I was fortunate to have a close relationship with my food from childhood. Yet it wasn't until I decided to pursue nutrition as a career that I discovered the life-changing power of our food. Contrary to what most people think, our digestive tract is actually an outward-facing tube, how we interact with our environment. Centralized here are billions of tiny microbiotas that fascinatingly actually make up the majority of our physical body. Each of us is our own unique ecosystem, synonymous with the world around us, constantly exchanging energy. Learning this, I have realized that our health is so much more than the food we eat. It is our mind, body and Spirit intertwined with the world around us.

After attending college at Purdue University and gaining my nutrition registration from Western Michigan University, I have explored the world in search of the best healing modalities. I have been blessed to experience many different cultures' food and healing traditions. I earned my certification in Ayurvedic herbology and massage from the PDI Institute of Ayurveda in India, where I learned to use food as medicine not only for our physical body but our vital life force energy. I aim to teach others how to optimize this energy system by eating the correct foods, moving in the right way, and decreasing our stress in order to stay in flow with the universe, allowing us to not only reach peak physical health, but also to expand our emotional and spiritual selves in order to reach our highest human potential.

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